Plan your Nature Retreat at
Jelatok Retreat Farm

Nature Retreat in a Boutique Farm

This scenic retreat farm is located at the hills of Kampung Jelatok, Mendom which is situated in a little town called ‘Lenggeng’ in Negeri Sembilan. This five-acre little farm is what we described as a place of nature married to agriculture, thus producing eco-agro-tourism background suitable for nature lovers.

Stay @Rebarn

Farmstay Package includes dinner & breakfast.

Use of Infinity Swimming Pool, Outdoor Amphitheater for activities, Sahara Loop (bonfire)

Complimentary Farm & Garden tour and Horse Feeding activities

Things to Do

We have quite a number of things to do on the farm; Farm & Garden Tour, Horse Feeding Activities, Fun Pot Painting Class, Gardening etc.


Swimming Pool


Sahara Loop
(bonfire pit)

Live Amidst

Info on Plants

Here are some latest Info on Plants at our Farm.
Info on Plants

Callisia Repens

Callisia repens is a succulent creeping plant from the family Commelinaceae. Synonyms: Tradescantia callisia, Spironema robbinsii, Hapalanthus repens Common names: Basket Plants,

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